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Good writing isn’t enough to attract and hold attention.

Great writing isn’t enough to attract and hold attention.

Anyone who makes a living as a writer today will tell you that your content has to be made up of strategic ingredients. It has to connect with your target audience and inspire action.

Luckily, writers can develop those winning skills.


Want to learn how to do more with your writing?

Since January 2006, Copyblogger has been teaching people how to create killer online content. Not bland corporate crap created to fill up a company webpage. Valuable information that attracts attention, drives traffic, and builds your business.

These days, that’s called content marketing, and it’s the backbone of getting your company noticed, attracting prospects, and turning them into loyal customers and clients.

“Copyblogger is the bible of content marketing.” – VentureBeat

Copyblogger founder Brian Clark has been building businesses with online content marketing since 1998, way before anyone used that term. Seven years and three successful businesses later, Brian decided to share what he knew with the world.

Copyblogger started as a simple one-man blog. It evolved into a highly profitable company with 8 figures in annual revenue thanks to useful content, smart copywriting, and exceptional products and services.

No advertising. No venture capital. No outbound sales team.

Just $1,000 in seed cash and a whole lot of time and effort spent teaching others how to do online marketing that works. Every product we’ve released was conceived from the practical, real-world needs we see every day in our audience.

But our mission has never changed: We’re here to help you create the kind of audience-focused content that helps you reach your business goals.

Work with Experienced Pioneers in Content Marketing and SEO

For the first time, we’re bringing the Copyblogger methodology to clients.

As the agency/production arm of content marketing pioneer Copyblogger, Digital Commerce Partners works with you to deliver the prospects you need to succeed.

We build profitable digital commerce products and businesses for ourselves and those we work with. For us, providing content marketing and SEO services to clients was the last step, not the first.

Let’s explore how we can help your business win.

Your free content marketing education

How did we know back in 2006 that content marketing would become so important? Like, a $44 billion a year industry important?

Well, because content has been a smart way to find more customers and clients for at least 100 years. But now the internet has empowered prospective customers and clients to the point that content has become the smartest way to market online.

Copyblogger brings you original, relevant content about what’s working right now in online content marketing. And we’re not too humble to say it’s the most popular content marketing and writing blog on the planet.

Today, there’s always a bigger picture. You need to understand all the facets of effective content marketing, and we cover the gamut each week.

Superior results online start with superior writing

Want to know what really drives the internet, and the billions of dollars that cascade through e-commerce every year?

You might think it’s tech, but it isn’t.

Technology matters because it gives the world greater access to your writing. The written word drives the web. It always has, and it always will.

Even in an image-rich web — words are still what make the difference.

  • Words drive engagement.
  • Words drive customer experience.
  • Words drive sales, growth, and profit.

And if you want to master the art of using words to drive business results, you’ve come to the perfect place. Copyblogger helps you create the kind of audience-focused content that helps you reach your business goals.

The three pillars of content marketing

Since the foundation of great content marketing is great writing, you’ll quickly notice how your favorite podcasts and videos are all built on the right words.

On Copyblogger, you’ll find comprehensive resources that help you master the three pillars of content marketing.


Effective headlines, engaging articles, and tactful sales copy that persuades is still (and will always be) an integral part of what Copyblogger has to offer.

Even with all the changes that we’ve seen over the last 14 years, the writers still run this show. The rules may have changed slightly, but fear not, we’re here to guide you.


It’s no secret that podcasts are exploding in popularity.

It has never been easier to create a podcast and build a loyal following through audio content. In the past, there was a barrier to entry into podcasting because of the equipment needed and the technical know-how required. That is no longer the case.

Our mission is to show you how to effectively use your podcast as a marketing machine that turns a profit.


Did you know that 55% of search results contain video? Did you know that by 2021, it’s projected that 82% of all online traffic will be video?

People are hungry for new forms of media in which they can be entertained, educated, and served.

We show you exactly how to incorporate video into your content strategy, even if you aren’t comfortable in front of the camera.

Let us simplify things for you

We’ve published well over 3,000 articles since 2006.

There’s not enough caffeine on the planet to get you through all of that this weekend. Or even this month. So let us help you out. We’d love to take you by the hand and show you the most important articles that will help you master content-driven marketing, based on your specific goals and experience.

  • Want to attract tons of hungry prospects to your business? We’ve got lots of advice to help with that.
  • Like to double your freelance fees this year? Let’s make that happen for you.
  • Need to wildly impress your boss before your next performance review? No problem, we can get you there.

You could spend the next weeks or months bingeing on our content — and hey, we think that would be well worth your time. But we’d rather point you to the exact material that will help you get what you need from content marketing. Because when you get the exact right information, you can immediately begin to up your game as a content writer. And that’s what’s going to get you the results you want.