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Vectra C 3.2v6 Auto

Discussion in 'Vectra C Chat' started by Riffraffaus, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. Riffraffaus

    Riffraffaus New Member

    Apr 2, 2017
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    I have a an intermittent problem with error codes P1895 (engine torque signal range/performance) & P1526 (Throttle control malfunction). I'm based in Australia.
    The problem is the car goes into limp mode with these errors, so I clear them with an OBDII scan tool and restart the car and we are good to go. Sometime the error will fix itself by turning off and turning back on. Most of the time I have to use the scan tool to clear the codes, otherwise it stays in limp mode. Sometimes I can tell it will go into limp mode, just by the way it starts, it revs up to 1500, slightly rough idle and only eases back to 1000rpm and takes a while to idle down to 500rpm.
    The next issue is that I could drive around for weeks without a problem and then jump in the car and have the the problem reoccur every day for a week and then it disappears only to return. Drives me mad.
    It has been to a Holden dealer for checkups but they say there is nothing wrong or they can't replicate the error. As soon as its out of the dealer it does it again, usually to far away to go back.
    I have changed the Crank angle sensor, MAF, exhaust O2 sensors, (with original parts) cleaned throttle assembly/butterfly plate myself, to no avail. I don't feel confident with the local Holden service team so will look to another dealership.
    I don't have access to an opcom tool. On a forum there was discussion around the ABS sensor signalling the TCM casing the error. Any thoughts on that theory? I have owned the car from new and serviced at the same dealer up until now.
    If anyone would like to chip in with any comments it would be appreciated, the veccy is great when its running but a pain trying to diagnose.