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My Astra Mk3

Discussion in 'General Car Chat' started by Vectra-Arctic, Aug 26, 2018.

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    My 1997 Astra Mk3 1.6 8v Automatic has been off the road for the past 10 months on SORN, also the MoT expired in March this year and hitting the 99,250 mile marker.
    Not looking good for a 21 year old car eh!

    Decided to something about it and arranged a pre-booked MoT and organised a 1 day temp insurance cover note and took it for it's MoT yesterday and it PASSED.

    No advisories apart from a split rear wiper blade that was fine last week on a casual check, just decided to split on the day of it's MoT when I used it to wash/wipe the rear hatch screen prior to setting off from home. But had a couple of spares in the boot so no issues.

    Did treat it to a full snowfoam on Thursday so to get rid of the months of dust etc.
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