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Members Titles.

Discussion in 'Welcome To Vectra-Sport' started by Chapperz, Jul 21, 2006.

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  1. Chapperz

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    Jun 15, 2005
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    Pershore, Worcester
    Vec C 1.9cdti 150
    Right peeps, due to the amount of questions that admin recieve reference members titles (the one under your registered username), unless the admin fairies have been out to play on yours, lol, this is the standard forum default title that is applied to each member.

    This goes on post count and is as follows:

    vectra-sport Newbie 0 - 30 posts
    vectra-sport Junior 30 - 50 posts
    vectra-sport Regular 50 - 100 posts
    vectra-sport Fanatic 100 - 1000 posts
    vectra-sport Specialist 1000 - 5000 posts
    addicted to vectra-sport 5000+ posts

    I must add though guys and gals, that admin reserve the right to remove posts/threads that are deemed as spam, and/or those classed as "post count wars".

    Any questions please feel free to ask via the pm system. Many Thanks.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.