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how to advertise

Discussion in 'Parts for sale - Vectra C' started by Admin, May 24, 2010.

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    Dec 24, 2004
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    Vectra-Sport provide a Classified Ads service to registered forum members holding a PayPal account for the private sale of their own goods
    and to advertise for parts / items that they wish to buy.

    You may not offer items for sale in the discussion forum, any such posts will be removed and an Infraction issued.

    Terms and Conditions for Posting an Advert using the Classified Ads Service

    • To place an advert elite membership is required.
    • When making payment you must include your registered PayPal home address and contact phone number
    • All For Sale listings require a recent photograph showing the item(s) offered for sale. Generic / Stock / Brochure Photographs are NOT acceptable.
    • We also require you to include on a piece of paper in the photograph your username and the current date any listings without this will be removed. ( no photoshops allowed )
    • when making any transactions please always obtain landline telephone numbers from both parties and home addresses this will help protect the seller and purchaser should something go wrong
    Resolution of Trade Disputes

    The Vectra-Sport Admin Team remain a neutral third party and play no part in any verbal or written contract between the parties conducting the transaction.

    We will not be held responsible or liable for the exchange or transaction of goods or payments between members.

    Should you fail to pay for or post item(s) to the other party upon completion of a sale, we will pass your address and contact phone number to the other party.

    We will pass any and all information regarding a sale to the UK Police or other law enforcement agency if requested.

    We reserve the right to revoke access to the Classified Adverts Service or remove items listed using the Classified Adverts Service at any time and without notice.

    By posting a listing using the Classified Adverts Service you agree to these Terms and Conditions.

    Elite Member
    Enjoy the benefits of becoming an elite member of vectra-sport by selecting this option you will gain full access to the market place where you can advertise a part you wish to sell or a vehicle using the for sale section and request items you are looking for using the wanted section. As an added benefit you can customise your user title, your pm box limit will be increased along with your gallery and you will also receive a free club sticker along with 20% discounts on further stickers you order

    elite membership
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