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Brakes Renewed.

Discussion in 'General Car Chat' started by Vectra-Arctic, Oct 6, 2018.

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    Sep 28, 2008
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    Today I had the front discs & pads, rear discs & pads, rubber flexi pipes all round, brakes pipes and brake fluid change on my blue 1998 [​IMG] Vectra B 1.8 16v Arctic manual transmission. Had the work done in a reasonably local garage with very reasonable mates rates labour costs. I bought the disc, pads, flexi's and brake fluid. So I just had to pay for the copper pipework, connectors and labour.
    The original brake pipes are the originals fitted at manufacture, they are 20 years old so decided to change them just to be on the safe side

    Used EuroCarParts for the brake components, Eicher brand for the discs & pads, Pagid flexi's and Pagid DOT4 brake fluid.

    The car passed its MoT in May this year with no advisories so thought old faithful deserved some money spending on her to keep her in top notch mechanical condition.

    The braking performance is back to being top notch again. [​IMG]
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