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1st Jan 2009 ** Very Important Regarding Temp Closure of the Forum to update **

Discussion in 'Vectra-Sport News' started by Andre, Jan 1, 2009.

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  1. Andre

    Andre Admin

    Feb 13, 2002
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    North West
    Insignia SuperSport
    Afternoon all

    I hope you had a great new year and your hangovers are not too bad today for those of you that got into the festive swing last night.

    As most of you will be aware from previous posts over the past 2 days we will be carrying out work on the server and on the forum to iron out a few problems and also to give the place a clean up for 2009.

    This is to commence on Monday 5th Jan 2009 from about 5pm onwards anyone trying to log into the site will see the maintenance message on the home page whilst the work is being carried out.

    Can I please ask you all to ensure you have copies of anything you need and if you are currently trading with anyone that you save any messages to your pc and you also obtain more contact information so you can still keep in touch i.e a phone number and e-mail address. Market place will be changing which is why no new adverts have been approved so I urge you all to get whatever info you need before Monday as you will probably need to re-list anything you are currently selling or want

    The technical sections and gallery will be backed up so don't panic about those its just your own info you need to copy if you have not already got it saved on your hard drive.

    We hope to have the forums back up by the end of the week if not sooner its hard to put an exact time scale on it we will try our best to keep you updated via the homepage so please keep checking back from day to day for any updates.

    On behalf of the rest of the Team i would like to say thanks for all your support and patience in advance and may 2009 be an even better year for us all and for Vectra-Sport

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