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Posting Guidelines

Vectra-Sport Guide To Titling a Thread, or HOW TO Get YOUR Question Answered FAST

The fastest way to get your question answered is not to post a new thread, but to SEARCH the 17+ years of threads to see if someone else has already fixed the very same problem that you have.

Ahaaa! But how do you know which thread has the answer to your question? Easy, read the thread title

What's that, but the thread title doesn't tell you what the thread is about?!

And nobody replied to that thread? Surely not!

If only the original poster (OP) had used a better thread title.

Hmmm, but what is a better thread title?

Well, here's a selection of thread titles, which ones would you most likely read and might reply to?


  • Help!
  • Broken!
  • Squeak!
  • Brakes
  • Advice Needed
  • Steering
  • Tyres
  • What Torque?
  • EML on
  • Smoke!
  • Rattling Noise

Room For Improvement

  • Wheel nut torque setting?
  • Best Oil for CDTi?
  • Smoky Exhaust
  • Rattling Noise from Engine
  • Squeaky Brakes


  • Torque Setting 18" Wheels?
  • Exhaust Smoke in Mornings
  • Rattling noise from front of engine
  • Brake Pads Are Squeaking


  • Blue Exhaust Smoke when Cold Starting - OpCom Error code 12345
  • Replacing 16" Steel Wheels with 18" Alloy Wheels, what torque setting should I use? Do I need spacers?
  • Rattling noise from front of engine when cold starting, have checked fan and aux belts
  • Fitted new red-stuff brake pads, but now they vibrate under heavy braking. Should I change the disks too?

OK, here's the other secret:

The title of the post uses the same wording (more or less) as the question that is asked in the actual post itself.

It does not matter that you've repeated yourself.

What matters is that someone else will read your question and either answer it or benefit from reading how to fix the problem.

Vectra-Sport Staff Reserve The Right To Edit Thread Titles And/Or Move Threads

TL;DR? If you don't provide a meaningful title or post it in the wrong forum, IT WILL BE RETITLED AND/OR MOVED FOR YOU.

Vectra-Sport Staff are not psychic and will apply their best judgement as to what title and what forum your thread/post belongs in.

Patience Is More Than A Virtue

When you've asked your question or made your plea for help please be patient.

Even with the best thread title in the history of mankind, there is no guarantee that you'll get a satisfactory reply to your question.

It is fairly typical to wait several hours (or even days) for someone to reply to a question.

Vectra-Sport is not a rapid response support line, it's a community of like-minded car enthusiasts who are sharing FREE help, support and advice to their fellow enthusiasts in their spare time. If your problem is super-urgent, then you should consider contacting a reputable car mechanic or garage.

Warning: Posting the same question over and over again will result in the posting being removed and a warning issued.